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Meet Pebbles the Clown

I started “Clownin’ Around” in 2003 and I absolutely love it! Truthfully, I had never considered it before that. I had face painted, but never thought it would go…to this! Then one day, I heard my friend talking about how much she enjoyed herself as a clown! Friends said they could see my face just light up the more she talked! I was hooked and “Pebbles” was born!

I immediately began the mentoring process and signed up for every class I could get my hands on. I was eager to learn the skills Pebbles would need to be the best clown she could be! Face Painting Classes, Balloon Jams, Clown Conventions…you name it, I was trying to get there! Even now, I’m always trying to improve and get new ideas for my clients – a new balloon sculpture or a sweet new look on a face painting – anything to keep my show fresh!

What I love about being Pebbles is the excitement before a show! It’s like Christmas morning! I love getting ready and walking into a party! My favorite part is painting someone’s face and showing them the mirror when I’m done – watching their face just light up at the end result! Twisting a 60” plain balloon into a sculpture and watching a person’s jaw drop because they can’t believe that plain balloon just became a pretty flower! It is just awesome! When I leave, I leave a memory behind. I walk away knowing I put a smile on a face & a giggle in a heart! I had the opportunity to touch somebody’s life in a positive way – it doesn’t get better than that! That is why I love what I do!